Error getting license/License server communication problem

January 7, 2011

I got the error message ‘Error getting license/License server communication problem: E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER’. What should I do?

In order to download a single Adobe eBook on multiple computers, Adobe Digital Editions must be activated using the same Adobe ID on each computer.

To activate Adobe Digital Editions using an Adobe ID…

  1. Open Adobe Digital Editions.
  2. Select Library > Authorize Computer….
    The ‘Authorize Computer’ dialog box is displayed.
  3. Enter the email address and password for your Adobe ID.
  4. Click ‘Activate’.
  5. Click ‘Finish’ to close the ‘Setup Assistant’ dialog box.
    Adobe Digital Editions is activated using an Adobe ID. Repeat this process on each computer on which you intend to download Adobe eBooks.

Note that if you activate Adobe Digital Editions with an Adobe ID which has already been used to activate Adobe Digital Editions on another computer, any DRM-protected Adobe eBooks downloaded before activating with the Adobe ID will no longer work.

If the subsequent download of an Adobe eBook is attempted on a computer that has been activated using a different Adobe ID, DRM-restrictions will make the title incompatible with the second computer.

How do I activate a supported eBook device using an Adobe ID?

To activate an eBook device using an Adobe ID…

  1. Connect the eBook device to your computer.
  2. Open Adobe Digital Editions.
    Adobe Digital Editions launches and detects the eBook device. The ‘Device Setup Assistant’ dialog box is displayed.
  3. Click ‘Authorize Device’.
    Adobe Digital Editions activates the eBook device. You can now transfer DRM-protected Adobe eBooks to the device.

Note that both Adobe Digital Editions and the eBook device must be activated with the same Adobe ID to transfer DRM-protected Adobe eBooks to the device.

One Response to “Error getting license/License server communication problem”

  1. Rosa Jackson Says:

    I can see it’s handy for booksellers to be able to slot every ebooks
    into a given genre, but it has nothing at all to do with quality. This mitigates against many a harmless good book

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